Games Blackjack FAQs

Are online blackjack games rigged?

The sites we recommend are 100% fair and regulated by independent auditing bodies such as eCogra, whereas a lot of the other sites out there don’t sport this kind of protection. We would never recommend using an unlicensed operator and if you do, but it’s crucial even then to use SSL encryption on any banking transactions. Remember that any time you’re giving away personal information (e.g., to make a deposit) or providing financial data for repayment purposes this needs to be done with full transparency, not just security in mind!

Are online blackjack games fair?

Yes, online casinos have excellent software to ensure that they are fair. Sites in the US must be licensed and regulated, using approved software to mimic real playing conditions. In order for a casino to get a state license, it must maintain an independent board of directors and audit company that performs mathematical checks on games as well as spot-checks of individual games by human testers. As such, we would say you can trust these casinos and play with confidence.

Blackjack is one of the oldest casino games in existence and involves no skill other than knowing when to stop playing or doubling up your bet (betting twice). Blackjack relies on probability mathematics formulas over common sense judgement calls about dealer/player behavior which puts all players at same disadvantage.

How many Blackjack games are there?

There are numerous Blackjack games. The most common is the “European” variation and then there’s the American variation.

The reason they’re called European and American is because of where they were originally popularized in America – Europe. The games have evolved over years to include many different variations within those two broad categories, but for all intents and purposes, we can call them European, which allow splitting aces; or American, which do not allow splitting aces.

Theoretically, the best strategy to use for any particular Blackjack game is dependent on how many decks are being used in the particular casino you’re playing at that time – since it affects your chances of drawing an Ace (and therefore a Blackjack). Splitting Aces comes into play when dealing with greater than one deck, but not all casinos use more than one deck. The following chart only applies under two-deck circumstances – if you have more or less decks to deal with then you may want to consult a different chart which might cover those cases.

How to hack Blackjack games

Blackjack is a game of luck but there are some techniques that might seem like they offer advantages. For example, card counting is the process of tracking the numerical totals in all cards dealt to different players on the table. The count can be increased by following basic strategies for exchanging or splitting cards and for betting when holding a hand with high card values.