Three Card Blackjack

Three Card Blackjack is an interesting twist to the traditional game of blackjack and three card poker. The game uses the same concept as blackjack, which means the object of the game is to beat the dealer by having a hand closest to 21 without going over. The difference between this game and regular blackjack games is the bonus bet and lack of options. When a player places the bonus bet, they will be betting on a three-card poker hand as well as their blackjack hand. Therefore, while you may lose the blackjack hand, you can win on the 3 card or both. Understand this form of blackjack doesn't play with any type of strategy. You don't have the options available to reduce the house edge, and the bonus bet is likely to cost you more money than it's worth but for those who like to gamble we've published the rules anyway.

How to Play Three Card Blackjack - 3 Card Blackjack Rules

Three Card Blackjack is played using one single deck of 52 playing cards. Players will need to place their ante bet in the circle followed by the dealer dealing three cards to each player, and three to himself. Once all cards are dealt, the player and dealer will create their best blackjack hand using any two or all three cards dealt to them. Unlike traditional blackjack you don't have any options such as hitting or splitting, just raising your bet. The cards you receive are the only ones you will be playing with.

How to Win Three Card Blackjack

Once the player has seen his cards, he will have the choice to raise by placing another bet equal to his ante into the betting area and will play his hand against the dealer. If the player chooses to fold, all bets are lost. Both the dealer and players will show their hands.

Payouts and Outcomes for the Dealer and Player

The dealer must qualify first for the player to play his three card and blackjack hand against the dealer. The dealer can only qualify when his blackjack hand equals 18 or more.

  • If the dealer does not qualify, the ante bet pays even money (1:1) and the raise bet is a push.
  • If the player has a blackjack, the player wins regardless of the dealer's hand or whether the dealer qualifies. The payouts on player blackjack is 1:1 on the ante bet, and 1:1 on the raise bet.
  • If the dealer qualifies, the best hands win. If the player beats the dealer on either blackjack the player will receive 1:1 on his ante bet, and 1:1 on his raise bet.
  • If the dealer beats the player, the player looses both his ante and raise bet (this rule does not apply to a natural blackjack)

Betting on Three Card / Ace Plus Bonus Bet

We mentioned above about the bonus bet. This is where three card comes into play. Before any cards are dealt the player must decide if they want to place a bet on the Ace Plus Bonus bet. The Ace Plus Bonus bet is a side bet, and gives the player an opportunity to bet the outcome of their cards will give them a three card poker hand however the player must have an Ace in his hand to qualify. This bet is 100% optional. Players can choose to bet the bonus bet on its own or with the blackjack hand. Please note that while the payoffs do seem tempting, the bonus bet is likely to cost you more money in the long run as you're only getting 1:1 on your money for AXX and 3:1 if you hold A10X. If you don't like to gamble, this is likely not the best game for you and you should definitely look for one of the other variations of blackjack.

Payouts for the Ace Plus Bonus Bet on Three Card Blackjack

  • AXX 1:1
  • ATX 3:1
  • ATT 5:1
  • AAX 15:1
  • AAT 25:1
  • AAA 100:1