Match Play 21 Blackjack

Match Play 21 is a casino style game of blackjack using 8 decks of cards and offering a bonus bet. The biggest difference between Match Play 21 and the standard version of 21 games is that the deck of cards used is not a full deck. All tens have been removed which means only 48 cards remain. The other big difference in this blackjack game is after the hands are complete. Once a hand is finished in Match Play 21, the dealer will shuffle the cards. In your standard game of blackjack, the cards are shuffled after all of the cards have been played in the shoe.

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Match Play 21 Blackjack Rules

Match Play 21 may sound like a simple game on the surface, but that certainly is not the case.  Match Play 21 has much more going on than do all other blackjack games.  If you've never played Match Play 21 blackjack, you can check out our free web game below which uses play money and will allow you to test the game with zero risk.

How to Play Match Play 21 Blackjack

The goal in Match Play 21 is first to beat the dealer by achieving a score closest to 21 without going over.  You want the cards in your hand to either add up to 21 or be closer to 21 than are the cards of the dealer.  Remember, to achieve a true Blackjack hand, you must have two cards in front of you (an Ace and a ten/face card) that add up to 21.  If you have three or more cards that add up to 21, it is not considered a Blackjack. Another similarity between Match Play 21 and standard Blackjack is that you can perform the normal commands within the game such as: asking for insurance; doubling down; and, splitting cards.  These are all traditional Blackjack actions that conform to the rules of Match Play 21.

Differences Between Match Play 21 and Traditional Blackjack

Now, let’s delve into the differences in Match Play 21.  These differences primarily reveal themselves in the odds and payout structure due to the fact that all Ten cards are extracted from the playing decks.  There are absolutely no Tens in the game of Match Play 21.  There are, however, still face cards in Match Play 21.  These face cards still have a value of ten.  Removing the Ten cards from the playing deck certainly contributes to the unique and attractive qualities attributed to Match Play 21.  Yet, even more interesting are the several different types of winning hands one can have in Match Play 21.

The first winning hand a player can have in Match Play 21 is Blackjack.  This winning hand pays Two to One, but on the first hand only.  The big Match Play 21 hand with a super 40 to One payout is when a player has three sevens of the same suit and the dealers face card is also a seven.  The dealers card does not have to match the players suited sevens for the 40 to One payout. 

The following hands all carry a Three to One payout: three sevens of Spades; a six, seven, and eight of Spades; and, seven cards in one had that equal 21.  The following hands all have Two to One odds:  three sevens of the same suit; a six, seven, and eight of the same suit; and, six cards that add up to 21.  The following hands reward with a Three to Two payout:  any three sevens; any six, seven, and eight combination; and, five cards that add up to 21.  All other winning hands are paid even money and when a player’s hand ties with the dealer’s hand, it is considered a push and the player’s money is not lost nor added upon.

Finally, Match Play 21 is a very user-friendly game.  The game buttons are clearly laid out on the bottom of the gaming screen.  Be careful though, as there are six different buttons one can click while making various hand determinations.  You certainly don't want to accidently click on Hit, when you meant to click on Stand.  Your bet amount can change from hand to hand, with the minimum bet being $1 and the maximum bet being $100.  Without the Ten cards it becomes a very interesting game.  There are many different combinations of cards in which huge payouts can be given.  However, these odds are very high for a reason; they rarely occur! Match Play 21 can be played free online or at a local casino. If your unsure of how to play Match Play 21 Blackjack you'll likely want to try our free game above. You won't lose any money, as the game is played with play money only.