Double Exposure Blackjack

Double Exposure Blackjack is probably one of the neatest blackjack variations simply because in this game both the dealer's card are exposed. This obviously gives the player a huge advantage. Since they can see both of the dealer's card, then know when the dealer will have to hit and they will know when the dealer has to stand. Players can then use this information to wisely choose what actions to take with their hand.

Please Note - US players won't be able to play Double Exposure blackjack online. Please check our list of online casinos accepting US players for casinos that offer other variations and accept American players.

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Since the player has such a huge advantage knowing what both the dealer's cards are, the rules of this game have been slightly altered than that of traditional blackjack to give some of the edge back to the house.

Double Exposure Blackjack Rules

Keep in mind that some of the following rules may vary somewhat from casino to casino.

  • There are no "pushes" or ties. Dealers win all ties. The exception to this is when a player has a natural blackjack. In some casinos, a push between two natural blackjacks may be in favor of the player and other times it will result in a tie and wagers will be returned.
  • Dealers hit on soft 17 (varies).
  • Players can only split a hand once. The rule will vary in regards to whether or not a player can double down after a split.
  • 10-point hands that are unlike such as a jack and a king may be split depending on the casino.
  • Players can double down on any two cards (varies).

Other than the above, the rest of Double Exposure will play just like traditional blackjack.

Playing Double Exposure Blackjack

Assuming you can find a casino that offers it, Double Exposure Blackjack is supposed to be a really decent game that offers a rather minimal house edge. The house edge will vary obviously, but you should be able to find it as low as approximately .66% with some house edges being as high as almost 1.5%. Although they're closed now, the Lady Luck in Las Vegas used to offer the game at a low edge of only .26%.

You will also find that you'll have to employ different strategies to be profitable. One strategy for example is having to hit when the dealer has you beat even though it's almost guaranteed you'll bust. Another example is being tied with the dealer with like an 18, 19 or 20. You'll have to hit here too despite how unlikely it is you'll catch an A, 2 or 3 simply because you'll lose if you tie. These are just two of the many odd strategies that you'll have to adapt if you wish to be successful at Double Exposure Blackjack.