Blackjack Diamond

Blackjack Diamond is an interesting variation of the traditional blackjack game. Players can participate in one of two side bonuses, both of which have rather hefty payouts if won. But the biggest twist in Blackjack Diamond has to be that in order to make a profit from a natural 21 both cards making up the blackjack have to have diamonds in them. All other blackjacks will pay even money.

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Blackjack Diamond Rules

The very basics of Blackjack Diamond will not vary much from that of a standard blackjack game. All cards are worth what their face value states (2s thru 10s), aces are worth 1 point or 11 and picture cards are worth 10 points each. The goal is to obtain a hand with a value of as close to 21 points as possible but most importantly having a hand with more value than that of the dealer's. 

The game will start with players making their standard wager. In addition, they can also make a wager on the two side-bets which is the '21' bonus and the '77' bonus. Both of these bets must be made prior to being dealt a hand.

The dealer will then deal the player his or her cards. If a natural blackjack is won, players will win even money unless both cards are diamonds. In that case, 2 to 1 will be the standard payout. If a '21' bonus bet was made, players will earn approximately 19:1 on their money.

If a blackjack was not made and a '21' bonus bet was wagered, players will automatically lose their side-bet. Also, players will have a few options in how to go about playing their hand.

  • Players can do the standard plays such as hit or stand.
  • All hands can be doubled down on, even after a hand has been split. All hands that are doubled down receive only 1 more card.
  • Hands can be split up to 3 times making 4 separate hands. Aces can be split but will only receive one card and will automatically stand. Split hands that pair an ace again can be split. Split hands that make '21' are not considered blackjacks, but are considered hands valued at 21 points.
  • Players can surrender their hand at any time, even after doubling down or splitting their hands. They will receive one-half of their bets back.
  • Dealer stands on both hard and soft 17s.
  • All ties result in a "push." The exception is if a player and a dealer both have a blackjack; the player's blackjack will always win.
  • Players who participate in the 77-bonus bet will receive winnings depending on how many 7s they were given. For one 7 in the player's hand, players will receive a return of 8:1. If a player were dealt two 7s, a payout of 40:1 would be given. Three 7s (7-7-7 = '21') would result in a hefty payout of 250:1. In the case that a player splits his or her hand, only the cards dealt before the split will be considered.

Playing Blackjack Diamond

Blackjack Diamond sure seems like a rather exciting variation to play given how the player has so many more options as their disposal as to what to do with their hands. Winning the bonuses would sure be neat as well.

An important note, however, is that there is some speculation as to how big the edge the house has considering that all blackjacks pay even money other than those that have two diamonds in them. The argument with this is that the even money payouts from a majority of the blackjacks are countered by the fact that it's possible to split, double down and surrender whenever a player wants.

With this in mind, the best advice is to assume you're going to lose (just on the safe side) and play Blackjack Diamond for entertainment purposes only.