Ante Up 21 Blackjack Online

Ante Up 21 is a twist on the traditional blackjack game that also has the added element of poker. Players start out with making 2 different bets, one for the blackjack aspect of the game and the other known as the 'ante' for the poker aspect. Both bets must individually meet the table minimum and the ante bet cannot exceed the '21' bet. Below we've listed a number of casinos offering Ante Up 21 Blackjack online, including a description of the house rules that play for the casinos under that software.

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How to Play Ante Up 21

Once the bets have been placed, all players are dealt two cards. After seeing their cards, players must decide if they want to place a wager on their poker hand. This bet must be the same amount as their ante. If players choose not to place a wager on their poker hand, the ante will be forfeited. After all players make their decision, the blackjack round will start.

Ante Up Blackjack Rules

Most of the rules for the blackjack aspect of the game will not vary much from those of traditional blackjack.

  • Dealers check for 21 with an ace or 10 point card showing.¬†
  • Dealers must hit a soft 17.
  • Busted blackjack hands will still play as poker hands provided a poker wager has been placed.
  • Insurance will only apply to the blackjack/21 bet only.
  • No surrendering allowed.
  • If all players bust their blackjack hands but at least one player has made a poker bet, then the dealer will finish his or her blackjack hand.

Ante Up 21 Poker Rules

  • Dealer's hand must be a Q high or better to qualify. If it doesn't qualify, then each player will win even money on their ante bet and will push on the actual bet.
  • Straights and flushes to not play, only pairs and high cards are used.
  • If a player split his or her blackjack hand, then the first two cards dealt are used for the poker hand.
  • Dealer's natural blackjacks will result in a loss, win or tie on a player's ante and a push on the poker bet.

Ante Up 21 Poker Bonus Rules

Players can also make a side bet which is known as the Poker Bonus Edition. Players making this wager must also make the normal poker bet as well. Players can only use their first two cards for the bonus.

  • The dealers up card can be used to make a 3 of a kind. It cannot be used to make high cards or pairs.

Playing Ante Up 21

 Ante Up 21 can be a great game to play if you're looking for a fix for both your blackjack and poker addictions. Keep in mind, however, that a player's bankroll should be slightly bigger to play this game seeing as how at least 2 bets are made if not 3. Additionally, it's also important to realize that basic blackjack strategies may need to be altered since so much more money and emphasis is being placed on the poker aspect of the game.