Ken Smith - Professional Blackjack Player & Author

Ken Smith is an expert blackjack player, and an excellent author, having contributed quite significantly to the cause of blackjack literature, be it in the form of books or articles.

What makes Smith unique is that he is one of the younger players to have acquired the status of blackjack legend. Ken Smith was born in Mississippi on the 16th of November, 1964. He has risen rapidly in the world of blackjack, in a span of just about a decade. That is the kind of rise that one would call ‘meteoric.’ Consider this: in this relatively short span of time, Smith has managed to stitch together a run that consists of an amazing 30 first place finishes.

Ken Smith – The Early Days

Ken Smith’s story is one that throws up quite a few surprises. For instance, he was quite interested in the game of blackjack from an early age, but got involved with the game on a more active level only later. The trigger for that kind of active involvement was the move by the Mississippi government to legalize gambling in the casinos sometime in the last decade of the 20th century, in the 1990s.

In fact, the first time Smith participated in a blackjack tournament was as recently as 1994, just about 15 years back. Ever since, he has been very passionate about the game of blackjack and in fact travels all over the United States of America participating in blackjack tournaments. The results, as mentioned earlier, are outstanding: he has won over 30 times so far.

Ken Smith – Televised Blackjack Tournaments

Televised blackjack tournaments shot to prominence after the stupendous success of the outstanding World Series of Poker. Every network started looking out for bug names to lend weight and add to the glitz of the tournaments they were telecasting. The name of Ken Smith was one of the first that they considered, and Smith dived headlong into the world of televised tournament blackjack.

His first appearance was at the World Series of Blackjack, a tournament aired on the Game Show Network. Despite a superb start in the first round, Smith managed just a sixth place finish in this event, thanks to a stroke of misfortune that saw him lose a crucial hand in the later stages of the event.

The next time Ken Smith featured on a televised blackjack tournament was in May, 2004, when he participated in the Million Dollar Blackjack Tournament at the Las Vegas Hilton. This tournament aired on the Travel Channel, and Smith managed to rapidly move into the semifinals, where he lost out once again. He also later appeared in the 2005 edition of the World Series of Blackjack.

Ken Smith – Other Interests

Apart from being an expert blackjack player, Ken Smith is also great at providing expert comments and analysis of the game of blackjack. He is also quite good at writing, and has penned quite a few articles on blackjack. He used to write a column on tournament strategy in a magazine that doesn’t exist in print form any more – the Blackjack Confidential.

Smith started writing about theories on blackjack and also different strategies for the game in 1996. This material was initially on his home page, but was later moved to Blackjack Info, the website where you can find it till this date. Ken Smith also started Bayview Strategies LLC in 1998, an outfit that dabbles involved in game consulting and also in the development of websites.

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