Online Blackjack Tournaments / Elimination Blackjack

Blackjack tournaments are unlike any other form of blackjack. You're no longer competing against the dealer but the other players at the table, which is why online blackjack tournaments have gained quite the following. One of the fun things about playing blackjack tournaments is that you will still play against the dealer, but at the same time, the object is to end the game with more chips than the other players competing in the event. The casino has no advantage over the players, and it's a great opportunity to enter into big money events for a very small amount. Below is a list of the top casinos online offering blackjack and elimination blackjack tournaments.

How to Play Blackjack Tournaments

Blackjack tournaments are similar to poker tournaments. Each player will pay a buy-in fee and receive the same amount of chips to start. There are multiple rounds, and each round usually consists of a certain number of hands before the next round begins. Once a round ends, one or two players will move on to the next round, with the other players eliminated from the game. This is why it's absolutely critical to watch the chip count of the other players at the table. If yours falls short, you will not move on to the next round. The rounds normally consist of 15, 20, 25 or 30 hands.

Similar to poker tournaments, a button is used to represent the player in first base and will continue to rotate around the table clockwise for each new hand.

Elimination Blackjack

In elimination blackjack tournaments, the players will have anywhere from 3 to 5 rounds to complete in order to receive a seat on the final table. The prize pool is set up based on the number of entries which typically means you won't receive any money from the tournament unless you finish within the top 20, with the final table players receiving the largest share of the purse. What's great about online blackjack tournaments / elimination blackjack tournaments is that its the only form of blackjack where the casino doesn't have an advantage over the players. The amount of the buy-in, less the fees goes directly into the prize pool

Types of Blackjack Tournaments / Elimination Blackjack Tournaments

There are multiple variations of blackjack tournaments for players to choose from, especially when playing online. Below we've outlined the more common forms of elimination blackjack, including the basics of how the game works and typical payouts.

Single Table Blackjack Tournaments
There are two types of single table blackjack tournaments. The first is a heads-up blackjack tournaments whereby two players will sit down at the same table and compete against each other in a winner take all event. The game starts once two players have joined the same table and generally plays 10 rounds before a winner is declared. There is no fixed schedule for heads-up blackjack tournaments online.

Sit N Go Blackjack Tournaments
These games require at least 3 players up to a maximum of six players to run. Again, like the heads-up blackjack tournaments, the SnG tournaments play 10 rounds and you'll need to finish in one of the top 2 spots to receive a payout.

Multi-Table Blackjack Tournaments / MTT Elimination Blackjack
This type of blackjack tournament has numerous tables in play simultaneously and can have as many as 30 - 100+ players playing in the same event. The number of rounds in play will be outlined in the lobby when you register for the event, and you will receive reminders during the tournament from the tournament director. MTT blackjack tournaments are great for players who want to compete in a large field, for a bigger purse. As each round ends, the top two players will advance from each table. You will definitely need to be patient if you're playing MTT blackjack tournaments. There is a lot of waiting in between rounds for other tables to finish. The prize pool is distributed based on the number of entries.

Playing Blackjack Tournaments Online

Above is a schedule of upcoming blackjack tournaments / elimination blackjack tournaments. One of the nice aspects about these events is the chat box. Players can socialize with the other players seated at their table, which gives you a similar experience to playing brick and mortar. The only big difference between playing blackjack tournaments online vs. the land casinos is the free events. The online casinos host multiple variations of tournaments including guarantees, freerolls, tournaments that accept comps in lieu of fees etc. You will not find blackjack freerolls in your local casino, nor will you be able to use your comps to enter into huge events.