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Online blackjack casinos give you the opportunity to learn how to play blackjack free or play for real money in the comfort of your own home. This page offers a list of the various online blackjack games you'll find. Most of these games are available at the casinos featured on this page and if your not sure how to play a particular game, we've offered game rules and odds for each of them.

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The Deal:

Every round of a blackjack game begins when the dealer deals the initial cards to the player and himself (both get two cards each). Depending on how many players are at a table, the dealer would deal a card to each player in turn , moving clockwise. This is done for the first card and the second card.

Depending on the variety of blackjack game, the players cards may be placed face-up or face-down in front of each player. In virtually all games one of the dealer's cards is placed face-up and the other face-down (this card is called the hole card). This helps players to make an informed guess based on the card of the dealer, which is face-up.

Drawing Blackjack:

When you get blackjack it is the initial two cards dealt to you that total 21. This consists of an ace and a ten-value card. This is always an instant winner for any player, or for the dealer against all the players. If the dealer's up-card is an ace, the option is offered to players to take out insurance, which will result in the dealer having to reveal his hole card. Players opting to take insurance have to make a seperate side wager, which would be half of the amount of their original bet. If the player took out insurance and the dealer has blackjack, the player would not lose any money, otherwise, the insurance bet is lost and the original bet remains in play.

Blackjack Tip: Insurance looks like a good option, but in the long run, you will lose a lot more money if you take out insurance when the dealer has an ace dealt to him. When you play blackjack with other players, and you are dealt blackjack, you will be offered the chance to take an even money bet. This works the same as an insurance bet in that you bet half your original bet and you are then paid immediately, regardless of how the dealer's hand turns out and your original wager is out of play.

If the player is dealt blackjack, the only way to tie the dealer is to have blackjack dealt to you as well, otherwise the dealer takes all of the bets. If you are dealt blackjack you are paid three to two on your original wager. So if you bet $10, you will win $15. If no one is dealt blackjack, the game would continue with cards being dealt to those wanting cards in a clockwise order.

Initial Options Online Blackjack Options:

There are a few options that players may be allowed to exercise, depending on the variation of blackjack being played. Here are the options available:

Surrendering Online:

For half your initial wager, you may elect to surrender. You give half of your original bet to the dealer and you are out for that round, but you keep the other.

Doubling Down Online:

You can elect to increase your wager through doubling and you would then bet your initial wager amount again. You will only receive one extra card though and the amount your cards end on, you will then use to compete against the other players (except if you go past 21, which will mean you are bust and no longer playing along).

Splitting in Online Blackjack Games:

If a player is dealt two matching cards initially, the option is open to split them into two independan hands. You would need to place a wager equal to your initial wager on this second card however. The cards are moved apart and you play with each hand on its own in that round. Here is how things normally flow when you play a blackjack game:

Playing a Hand:

Unless a player decides to double or surrender, he will continue to play normally requesting to hit or stand. If the player hits, he will be dealt another card and if he stands he won't be dealt another card. For every card dealt, the total value of your cards will increase based on the value of the cards dealt to you and what you already have in front of you. If the total value exceeds 21, you bust, but the idea is to get as close as possible to 21. All the cards count according to their value with the face cards equalling ten. An ace can be counted as a one or eleven.

If your total card value is lower than 21 you may opt to take an additional card by hitting until you reach the total you want to at which point you will stand and receive no more cards. The value of your cards at this is stage is what is used to compete with the dealer or the dealer and other players at the table. The player with the highest total value under or equal to 21 wins. If you have the same value as the dealer it is called a push and you receive your original bet back. If your not into playing blackjack online, you can also try the online slots.